The Citadel of Chaos

They sympathize with your request.
Three of them turn towards the other one and,
with obvious reluctance, this one takes an amulet from around his neck.
'This,' he says, 'is a Charmed Amulet.
It is made of metal but a jewel of Light is set into it.
Ganjees fear this talisman, but they will no doubt try to trick you into losing it.
This has been my own proud possession for some time
but we Scouts are obliged by our gods to offer help, so I give it to you.'
You thank him and place the Charmed Amulet around your neck.
You may now leave the room, but you may feel obliged,
because of his great gift, to give him something in return.

If you have any Gold Pieces, you give him some.

If you have no gold but give him an artefact you have picked up.

If you cannot, or will not, give him a gift in return.