The Citadel of Chaos

You try the handle and it turns.
The door is stiff and you must shove it open.
The room inside is some sort of living abode,
with tables, chairs, shelves and a collection of animal heads on the wall.
There is a plush pile carpet on the floor.
Suddenly, one of the animal heads turns and looks towards you.
It is some kind of dog, and it barks loudly in a tone which is a warning,
both to you and to any of its cronies which may be within earshot.
As you watch the head, you do not notice a carpet,
which flies up off the floor and whisks past you, clipping your ear.
You spin round in time to see one of the chairs,
slowly re-forming itself into a tall man.
'What business have you here ?' he booms.

Will you:

Try to talk with him ?

Use one of your Spells ?

Search through your backpack for a weapon or a gift ?

Leave the room quickly and try the other door ?