The Citadel of Chaos

She lifts her head and calls into the air.
You stop in your tracks as you see the washing on the line rustle and kick about in the air.
Freeing themselves from the line,
several pieces of clothing wisp through the air towards you and,
s they get close, you can make out ghostly bodies with long-dead faces inside the clothes.
'Protect me, my sons and daughters!' she cries — and suddenly the clothes are all around you.
Some whip their sleeves at you, stinging you painfully.
One pair of arms wraps itself around your neck, making it difficult to breathe and tightening its grip.
You are flailing about with your sword, but doing little damage to the GHOSTS.
The stranglehold is tightening and you will have to use your magic to get free,
unless you have something in your backpack to offer the woman.

Will you:

Offer her some Small Berries ?

Offer her a Silver Mirror ?

Use a Fire Spell ?

If you have none of these.