The Citadel of Chaos


The handle turns and you open the door into another room,
where there is plenty of activity.
Three ugly old women with long noses and chins are scooting around the room
— which seems to be a kitchen of some sort
— taking various ingredients from the cupboards and adding them to a broth in a large kettle.
There is a joint of meat roasting on a spit under a large chimney.
As you look more carefully you can tell that the meat is not,
in fact, an animal, but a whole Dwarf, turning black in the fire.
One of the women glances at you and says,
'Ah, you must be the new servant ... or are you the next meal?'
whereupon they all begin to cackle and shriek with laughter.

Will you let them believe you are the new servant they are expecting ?,

or do you want to investigate the room further ?