The Citadel of Chaos

The liquid tastes salty and you break into a cold sweat as it goes down.
You begin to tremble and try to steady yourself on the altar.
However, you trip forward, knocking the other two chalices onto the floor, spilling the other liquids.
You slump to the floor yourself, feeling extremely ill and hazy.
As if in a dream, you see a vision of a strange, muscular creature with two heads,
a long tail, and scaly grey skin.
In its hand it holds a large bunch of keys.
A mouse runs across the table at which it is sitting and it shrieks loudly ...
The cry wakes you up with a start and you realize where you are.
You pick yourself up and grope for the door handle — you must have some fresh air!
You leave the chamber, rest for a few moments outside,
and set off for the Citadel.