The Citadel of Chaos

For this game (Six Pick) you will need at least 1 Gold Piece.
If you haven't any Gold Pieces,
you may use a Fool's Gold Spell and take your Fool's Gold to the Games Master,
who will give you 10 Gold Pieces for it.
(If you have no Gold Pieces or Fool's Gold Spells, you cannot play the game).
Choose any numbers you wish between 1 and 6
and stake any number of your Gold Pieces on each one.
If you win, you win five times the stake you have placed on that number.
You may continue as long as you like,

or you may switch to playing Knifey-Knifey,

or Runestones.

If you are bored with playing games.

But you must play at least one game of Six Pick,
if you have Gold Pieces or a Fool's Gold Spell, before you move on.