The Citadel of Chaos


You feel yourself sucked into the room.
As if by magic, your torch flickers and dies.
The room is pitch black.
From nowhere, yet everywhere,
comes a mocking laugh which fills the room.
'Foolish adventurer,' says another voice,
which changes its tone from high to low as it speaks,
'Welcome to the home of the GANJEES!
Unfortunately, it will be the last room you will ever see ...
Ah, but of course, you cannot see, can you?
But we can see you, can't we brothers?'
And laughing voices come from all around you.
Suddenly a ghostly white luminous face flies towards you.
You recoil in horror, throwing yourself on the ground,
and begin to feel very frightened.

What can you do here:

Create a Fire Spell ?

Try an Illusion Spell ?

Feel in your backpack for an artefact ?

Draw your sword ?