The Citadel of Chaos

You concentrate on the sorcerer's mind.
Images and words flash through your head.
A couple of seconds later, there is nothing.
You look up at Balthus Dire, who is glaring at you.
'Do not try to probe the mind of Balthus Dire!' he commands.
You concentrate again, but still receive nothing as he is now blocking your Spell.
You reflect for a second on the images you did receive:
a chart under the battle plan table ...
a sense of horror at a high-pitched screech ...
a blinding light ...
a ring on his finger ...
a razor-edged sword ... and you.
He is now mumbling under his breath, watching you with one eye.
He raises one hand in the air and concentrates his gaze on it.
Then he looks at you.
He waves his hand in the air, backwards and forwards and side to side, faster and faster.
With a crash he brings his hand down on the table.
You fall to the floor — not in surprise, but because the ground beneath you is shaking violently.
The whole room seems to be tossing like a ship in a tempest.
Although he has a firm footing and is now walking towards you, you cannot rise to your feet at all.
Your only chance is a Spell, if you have any left.

If so, will you use:

A Levitation Spell ?

An Illusion Spell ?

But if you have neither of these.