The Citadel of Chaos

You slam the door shut behind you.
You follow a short, narrow passage,
which winds round and brings you to the foot of another staircase,
reaching right up into the apex of the Citadel.
A sign on the wall reads 'HALT.
None may pass but by order of Balthus Dire.'
You realize you are nearing your goal.
Cautiously you climb the stairs to the next landing, right up in the belfry of the Citadel.
In front of you is a solid metal door.
You try the handle but the door is locked.
You lift a small flap and can see small tumblers underneath.
This is a combination lock which can only be opened by those who know the combination.

Do you know the combination ?

If so enter it here

If not, you may either try to break the door down,

or use a Strength Spell.