The Citadel of Chaos


You wake up in a dirty room with rough walls cut into the rock.
Iron bars in the window and the door confirm your suspicion
that you are in a prison cell of some sort.
There is not much you can do but
sit on the straw mattress in one corner until someone appears.
An hour or so later, you hear a shuffling noise outside.
Looking through the bars in the door you can see a lizard-like creature
shuffling down the corridor, carrying a mug and bowl.
The beast has two heads which talk to each other as he walks.
Its skin is grey and scaly and a long tail follows it up the passage.
It stops at your door and pushes the bowl and mug through a
small opening into your cell, then shambles off to sit at a table across the hall.
You have been given bread and broth.
Will you eat and drink, or will you call out to this creature, a CALACORM ?

To take your food.

If you wish to shout to the Calacorm.