The Citadel of Chaos

Afraid that the commotion may have attracted attention,
you peer out into the darkness.
Nothing seems to be happening.
Going through the pockets of the creatures you find 8 Gold Pieces,
a copper coloured key, and a jar of a dark, creamy ointment.
You may take any two of these with you.
Turning to the vial of liquid, you can make out an inscription on the lid, written in runes.
Your heart leaps as you realize that this is a Potion of Magik and is very rare.
Within the vial is enough liquid for two doses,
and each has the effect of allowing you the energy to use one extra spell.
You may take this Potion with you to use after using any Spell.
Now you may carry on.

Either towards the Citadel,

or over to the two men talking by torchlight.