The Citadel of Chaos

You disappear.
You can, however, still watch the Calacorm from your cell.
To your consternation, the beast has not noticed that you have gone!
You wait patiently, but to no avail,
and now you start to worry that the Spell will soon be wearing off.
You kick the dust at your feet.
The creature looks up and rushes over to your cell door.
You are nowhere to be seen!
It opens your door and enters the cell, but as it does so, your Spell begins to wear off.
'Try to trick me, eh?' says the Calacorm as it grabs you.
You will now have to fight the creature:
You cast a Weakness Spell on it, which reduces its skill level.
Eventually you defeat the creature.

You now leave the jail along a passageway which runs northwards.