The Citadel of Chaos

You concentrate and, before your eyes,
a hurricane begins to swell up and ravage the room.
Chairs, books and all sorts of things fly up into the air
and are swirled around the room, leaving you untouched by the Illusion.
You take a step forward but stop suddenly when you hear a loud laughing sound.
You look into the room to see that the Flying Carpet and the Dog Head have changed into stone statues.
One of them taunts you.
'We, my dear adventurer, are MIKS. We are masters of illusion.
Your crude tricks cannot fool us!'
The man, who has now turned into a Snake,
has meanwhile slithered across the carpet,
wrapped himself around your leg and is sinking his fangs into your rump.
The pain is unbearable and you sink to the ground,
realizing that the bite was poisonous.
Beware of Miks in your next adventure.

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