The Citadel of Chaos


The footsteps you heard — which really ought to be called 'handsteps'
— belong to three WHEELIES
which now roll down the passageway towards you,
forcing you back to the door.
These creatures are peculiar beasts having, instead of legs, an extra set of hands.
They move by cartwheeling along at quite a rapid pace.
Their heads — or at least their faces — are set in the centre of their chests.
While they are not well-practised at swordsmanship
given their awkward means of movement, they are excellent knife-throwers.
Grasping knives from their belts as they spin along,
they can launch them at a rapid-fire pace, like large Catherine wheels.
At the moment, three such knives are speeding their way towards you.

You may either use a Shielding Spell to protect you.