The Citadel of Chaos

You awake and look around. As your memory returns, you are amazed that you can see!
Your leg feels tender, but is uninjured!
You hear a small chuckle coming from above you and suddenly the whole thing makes sense...
Floating above you is O'Seamus, now laughing loudly.
The whole thing has been one big practical joke!
You are enraged and leap to your feet,
but as you glare at the funny little man rolling about in the air in hysterics,
you can't help but see the funny side too.
You chuckle, then giggle, then laugh loudly.
For some time the two of you roar with laughter until tears stream down your faces.
When you are both able to control yourselves, you eventually settle down to chat.
He is a pleasant little man. Before you leave, he says, 'Indeed you are a good sport.
Your way ahead is fraught with danger, though. But perhaps these will help you.'
With a wave of his hand, a sword and a plate appear on the table.
The sword is a magic battle-sword. The plate is, in fact, a Silver Mirror of fine workmanship.
You may take these with you, but you will have to leave your old sword behind.

Leave the room through either:

The brass-handled door

The copper-handled door

The bronze-handled door