The Citadel of Chaos


A motley crew sit around the fire.
A warty-faced Orc is handing out scraggy chunks of half-cooked meat to the others.
A snarling Dwarf with green skin is complaining about the size of his piece,
while two scruffy Goblins — a man and a woman — are cuddling each other.
They giggle and laugh, and every so often she slaps his ugly face causing more merriment.
As you approach they stop and turn round to look at you with unwelcoming faces.
They sneer at your neat appearance and the female Goblin whispers some comment to her mate.
In front of the Dwarf you can see an open box.
You can just make out a vial of liquid within it.

Will you:

Sit down with them around the fire ?

Ask them whether you may join them ?