The Citadel of Chaos

A replica of Balthus Dire materializes in front of you.
Dire himself raises an eyebrow.
'Attack!' you command the duplicate,
who turns towards the centre of the room and advances.
Two metres from the sorcerer, it stops and clutches its head.
It looks up from its hands, turns and comes towards you!
The sorcerer laughs.
'Two can play at this game!' says Dire.
You concentrate and will the replica back towards Dire.
Eventually it ceases its approach and turns back as you command.
For some moments this goes on,
and you realize that you both have the power to command this creature,
but only within a certain range.
Backwards and forwards it goes, until the Spell begins to wear off.
It gradually fades from view.
The concentration has been somewhat strenuous for you.
You look up to see Balthus Dire holding his hands in the air
and then bring them down hard on the table.

What magic is he using now ?.