The Citadel of Chaos


You tiptoe into the room.
The room is gloomy and the air is damp.
A crude wooden post is nailed to one wall with several hooks on it.
There are two doors in the far wall leading onwards.
On the post, hanging on the wall,
is a makeshift mirror but as your torch lights up the mirror,
its reflection is thrown across the eyes of the sleeping giant,
who grunts and stirs.
One eye opens, then another and, seeing you, it springs to its feet!
It grabs an axe, which it was using as a pillow,
and quickly undoes the leather sheath to reveal a sharp bronze head.
This giant creature is a GARK! Large and brutish,
Garks are half-Goblin, half-Giant,
bred by master sorcerers for their aggressive character.
Although somewhat stupid, they are rather tough beasts with a war-like nature.

Will you:

Make a dash for the doors ?

Draw your sword, ready for a fight ?

Apologize for disturbing the creature ?

Prepare to use a Spell ?