The Citadel of Chaos

They are somewhat relieved that you mean them no harm,
and settle back on to the floor,
inviting you to join them.
The room is small and plain and bits of greenery have been mounted on the walls,
presumably for decoration, although the leaves are now wilted and long-dead.
A small fire burns in one corner, under a hole in the ceiling.
Two doors are in the wall opposite you; one on the left, the other on the right.
You sit down for a chat.
You discover that these small, skinny creatures call themselves SCOUTS
and they are indeed a likeable lot, joking and laughing with you.
You decide not to risk telling them too much of your mission,
but you ask general questions about the place.
Balthus Dire is the master of the house
and spends most of his time high up in the Citadel.
His ladywife is a beautiful sorceress who is very vain
and who enjoys the things that money and power can buy.
There are many evil creatures within the Citadel,
but you must be particularly careful of the Ganjees, who roam the Tower at night.
Eventually you get up, thank them for the chat and prepare to press on.
The Scouts also offer to do a good deed for you before you go,
as they have also enjoyed your company.

You may either:

Take them up on their offer

Decide not to risk it and leave through the door on the left

Leave through the door on the right