The Citadel of Chaos

As your Spell takes effect, you see a small mouse run towards the table.
You curse as you realize that the Spell cannot have worked properly.
But hope returns as one of the Calacorm's heads sees the mouse and looks horrified!
The other head suddenly notices it, and both throats shriek together!
The creature jumps up on to the table,
and the Calacorm screams in terror as the harmless little mouse approaches,
sniffing fastidiously at the ground on the way.
You let the Calacorm suffer for some moments
and then call out that you will get rid of the mouse for him, if he will release you.
He agrees quickly and throws you the keys.
You let yourself out,
grab your sword which was leaning against the wall and set off down the passageway.
A safe distance away, you break your Spell and the mouse disappears.