The Citadel of Chaos

You have chosen a deadly gambling game which is outlawed in most kingdoms.
Since you have chosen to play, you must play at least one game, but you may play more if you wish.
Your Games Master is an apprentice sorcerer and he has selected a choice of prizes for you.
If you survive, you may claim either: two extra Spells, 50 Gold Pieces, or an Enchanted Breastplate.
The game is played like this: six daggers lie on a table.
One is a real weapon while the other five have spring-loaded blades and will do you no harm.
You are playing the game against one of the other creatures in the room and only one of you will survive.
In turn, you must select one of the daggers and stab yourself in the chest with it.
If the dagger is real, death is certain.
If it is a dummy, it must be returned to the table to be shuffled back in with the other five.
The game continues until one of you selects the real dagger
and stabs yourself through the heart, whereupon the survivor can claim the prize.
Now knowing the rules of the game,

You can only get out of playing at least once by casting an Illusion Spell.

After you have played, you may either play Six Pick,

or Runestones,

or you may bid your 'friends' farewell and leave the room.