The Citadel of Chaos

Balthus Dire kneels down beside you.
He grabs your wrists with one hand and you can feel his great physical power,
matching his obvious powers of sorcery.
'Peasant,' he says, 'you are indeed a worthy adversary.
Your power exceeds that of most wizards.
It is a shame to let such talent go to waste.
I may kill you now, or I can offer another option.
Join with me in my plan to conquer the Vale of Willow.
It shall be yours to govern when we succeed.
What say you?
'What is your reply?

'Never. I will not turn against my country-folk!'

'I accept your offer' (You plan to outwit him when he releases you.)

'Balthus Dire, you are evil! I am not defeated yet!' (You plan to cast another Spell at him.)