The Citadel of Chaos


As you compose yourself after your fright,
you glance around the room.
It is obviously some sort of Military Headquarters.
Scrolls with strategic maps hang from the walls,
as do portraits of past generals.
A bookcase in one corner holds hundreds of leather-bound volumes.
Ornate drapes are drawn across a large window.
A cabinet along one wall holds pikes and swords of a variety of deadly shapes and sizes.
In the centre of the room is a model landscape which you recognize as the Vale of Willow.
Armies of miniature troops are positioned on the model.
This must be the invasion plan!
Leaning against the table, with eyes fixed on you, is Balthus Dire himself!
His very stature is formidable.
Well over two metres tall, he is built like an ox, with broad shoulders and muscular arms.
In his battle tunic of leather with wide, studded wristbands,
he looks more a soldier than the demi-sorcerer he really is.
'Impudent peasant!' he growls, 'Do you think you are any match for Balthus Dire?'
With these words he snaps his fingers and you hear a grunting from behind.
You swing round to see a grotesque creature shambling towards you.
Its hairy body has four arms, each ending in vicious-looking hooks.
As it approaches, it slashes the air in front of it.
'Why, I'll wager you are not even a match for a CLAWBEAST!' laughs Dire.

Will you:

Draw your sword to defend yourself ?

Cast a Shielding Spell ?

Cast a Weakness Spell ?