The Citadel of Chaos


The door opens and you stride onwards,
slamming it shut behind you.
A short distance ahead, you reach a three-way junction,
where you take the northwards passage.
This continues for several metres leading to another door.
You can hear laughter and merriment on the other side.
Cautiously you open the door into a large room
where a party of a dozen or so creatures, of all shapes, sizes and colours, are playing games.
As you step into the room, a voice shouts,
'Look, this must be Glaz-Doz-Fut!' whereupon they all welcome you, inviting you to join the fun.
Evidently they are expecting someone and have mistaken you for their missing guest.

Will you play along and join them ?,

or will you tell them they are mistaken

and try to make your way over to the door on the other side of the room ?