The Citadel of Chaos

She looks at your offering and her eyes widen.
'Let me see that,' she commands.
You carefully advance towards her and hold out the brush.
She snatches it and spends several moments admiring it.
'This is indeed a work of art,' she says, and she gets out of bed to try it in front of her mirror.
As she brushes her hair with it, her hair takes on an unusual sheen, glimmering softly.
She is fascinated with your gift and now is your chance to leave unnoticed through a door in the far corner.
You may try to take with you a Golden Fleece which is lying on the bed.

If you are lucky, you manage to snatch it quickly and can leave through the other door.

If you are unlucky, you may Test your Luck again until you are finally lucky.

Or, if luck is not with you,

you may ignore the cumbersome thing and leave anyway.