Antique Chairs Museum

Antique Chairs Museum

Colhay, Polson, Launceston
PL15 9QS
Tel: (01566) 777485

Don't sit down

The museum was established in 1988 by Alice and Tom Brown at Lezant, near Launceston, and moved some four miles to its present location at Polson in 1993.

With an exhibition of over 350 chairs in six showrooms, the museum attempts to portray some of the changes over the past 400 years illustrating the development of various styles and material use also the movement from Elizabethan carpenter to Georgian designer. This is a 'live' Museum in that most of the chairs are for sale apart from a small number not readily replaceable.

The chairs on display represent the kind of furniture used by the average household, not the rare expensive pieces preserved from the Manor Houses.

The chair is probably the most useful and used piece of furniture in the house. Evidence from paintings shows that the chair has been around for some 3 - 4000 years, and its development in this country has been recorded from over 400 years.

From the time the first throne was built in early history down to the present day concern with mass production, there has, fortunately, always been an interest in design construction to accommodate the seated.

There is a very fine display of various woods used in chair-making and a demonstration of upholstery restoration.


One mile east of Launceston, north of the A30 main road.

Opening Times

9.30am - 5.00pm

Admission Free

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