Minions Heritage Centre

Minions Heritage Centre

Minions, PL14 5LL
Tel: (01579) 362350

A wealth of local historical information

Excellent and well researched exhibition detailing the mining industry and local history of Bodmin Moor and the area around Minions. Uniquely located in a restored engine house of Houseman's Shaft, which was a part of the old South Phoenix Mine.

The Minions Heritage Centre also serves as the base for the Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project. This wide ranging project has provided for significant conservation works on both the natural and industrial heritage of the area that covers not only Caradon Hill, but most of the south east corner of Bodmin Moor, and south to Liskeard. It includes several significant copper and tin mining sites, as well as many other prehistoric sites, a large number of wildlife, geological and conservation area sites, and over 100 scheduled monuments.


Only 0.25 mile walk north of the village of Minions.

Opening Times

All Year
10.00am - Dusk

Admission Free

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