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Sennen Cove


The most westerly village in England


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Sennen Cove boasts one of the loveliest stretches of sand in Cornwall, Whitesands Beach, and still retains much of the atmosphere of an old fishing village. It is a popular spot with surfers and hosts the local surfing club. The village is only two miles north of Land's End and had a population of 806 at the 2011 census.

A small fishing fleet of seven boats is protected by a breakwater built in 1908. Mullet used to be an important catch in the bay with the fishery beginning at the end of January and continued towards the end of April. Sennen Cove was the most important seine fishery in Cornwall and, in Edwardian times, large schools were still entering the bay with as many as 12,000 caught at one time. Seining continued into the 20th century with 1200 stone caught on 3rd March 1977.

There is still a lifeboat station at Sennen and close by there are lobster pots testifying to the continuation of the local fishing industry. The Round House and Capstan Gallery is a 19th century building with a converted net loft and can be found just beyond the lifeboat station. Sennen Cove is one mile north of Land's End, and is well placed for walks along the coastal path. There are numerous ancient sites in the area in addition to relics from the once thriving tin mining industry.

The First and Last Inn is one of the most famous inns in Cornwall, built about seven centuries ago and gaining a notorious reputation when it was known to be the headquarters of smugglers and wreckers.

Sennen Cove has two slipways, allowing the Tyne class lifeboat to be recovered in the shelter of the breakwater at high tide, or up the launching slipway at low tide. The station founded in 1853 also operates an inshore D class lifeboat.

The church of St. Senana is on high ground inland and has a low granite tower.

The warm and welcoming Apple Tree Community Cafe and Bakery is a pleasant stop.

The beach is also home to Bilbo, the first ever UK canine lifeguard. The Newfoundland first started working on the beach from 2005. Bilbo died in May 2015, and his death was noted in many national newspapers and news sources.

Notable Residents

William John Hocking (1864-1953) of the Royal Mint was born in the village.

Art Galleries

The Round House and Capstan Gallery


The village holds its Feast Day in December.

Sennen Cove Christmas Day Swim.


The Apple Tree Cafe and Bakery

Surf Beach Bar

Sennen Cove Cafe


The Old Success Inn, a 17th century building with views across the bay.

The First and Last Inn, a traditional pub in the old village.

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