Star Castle

Star Castle

St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly
TR21 0JA
Tel: (01720) 422317


A unique castle that is now a hotel

Star Castle was built in 1593 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth as an artillery fortress for the defence of the Isles of Scilly by Sir Francis Godolphin. The castle served as a prison under both the commonwealth and then Charles II. It stands on the fortified Garrison Hill to the west of Hugh Town on St. Mary's, and commands magnificent views of the sea and isles in every direction. The fort is in the form of an eight pointed star. The central range has two floors over a basement and is encased by thick rampart walls and a rock-cut ditch. The Castle has been the scene of many historic occasions. The Dining room was the original officer's mess-room. It belongs 'to the age of Sir Francis Drake and the sea-dogs. By 1669 a garrison of 200 men were stationed there, but later the castle was used as the Governor's residence.

Holy Vale Vineyard has been started to supply the castle with fine local wines.

The castle is now a 38 bedroom hotel offering 4 star accommodation.


The most prominent building on the Garrison.

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