St Kitts Herbary

St Kitts Herbery

Starapark, Camelford, PL32 9XH
Tel:(01840) 213442

A herbal smallholding with a wonderful smell

Visit our shop where you will find a wide range of herb plants for sale, our full range of luxury toiletries and artisan chocolates.

We’ve come a long way since we started, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the popularity of our Rosemary & Bergamot! We’ve been reminiscing (and cringing!) about our origins today, and thought we’d share the story of our signature scent.

Back in 2003, when we weren’t much more than a shed and our living room, we were approached by The Mill House, who were looking for a company to develop a range of luxury toiletries for their hotel.

At that point we were a relatively new company, making toiletries, food products and herb related crafty items – if you don’t believe how much progress we’ve made, check out this reminder of how we started!

The team from The Mill House spent a productive morning with us exploring a variety of different scent options, and out of that session came two fragrances- Rosemary & Bergamot and Pine & Lavender (which has since been discontinued). The Rosemary & Bergamot was designed to be totally unisex, and (it has since been discovered) almost universally loved.

Initially we made soaps and hair and body wash for the hotel, but the Rosemary and Bergamot scent proved so popular that we expanded the range to twelve items (and it’s continued to grow even now). It remains our most popular fragrance and is used by many local (and national!) hotels and restaurants.

We are located on the very edge of Bodmin Moor (close to Cornwall’s highest point, the famous ‘Brown Willy’) why not explore the area while you’re here?

Although the shop is now closed all the products are now on sale through the online store.

Now Closed

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