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Grand Champion
Wavetail Achilles

Gr Ch Wavetail Achilles

Monsanlis City Slicker
Monsanlis City Slicker

Well, what can I say about myself? Not a lot! My name is Sandra; I've got four grown up children, nine grandchildren and I live in South Derbyshire!

Having had mainly "moggies", it wasn't until the 70's, that I had my first pedigree cat - a chocolate point Siamese called Kirash Strudel. She was followed by a seal point girl, who was registered as Sanlis Jayde - Sanlis being made up from the first part of my name and the first part of my daughter Lisa's name.

In 1981 we bought a pedigree Doberman dog, which started us on the show scene. He was soon followed by two bitches and suddenly, before we knew it, we had more dogs than we had kids!!!!!!!!! Our Kennel Club prefix was Monsanlis and some of the puppies we bred, did quite well in the show ring.

As the children grew up and the dogs got older and fewer, I bought a sorrel Abyssinian from my good friend Margaret Pollet (Wavetail Abyssinians). His name was Wavetail Achilles and he became a Grand Champion at 15 months. Next came Wavetail Ebony, a usual girl, followed by Wavetail Jeremiah, full brother to Achilles and another sorrel. Then came my beautiful "Faro" - Wavetail Wilbur - a usual boy, who absolutely hated the show scene but still managed to become Best in Show Kitten at the Abyssinian Cat Association Show!

When I attended cat shows I had always admired the Burmese, especially the browns. I was lucky enough to purchase the only brown boy in the first litter bred by Pat Ridley (Yeldir Burmese) He was Champion Yeldir Super Trouper (Champion Glendoro Timewaster x Champion Romid Angelica Spice) and he was joined a few years later by his lilac half brother - Champion Yeldir Mercutio (sire Champion Jaspurra Sugar Daddy).

At a show in 2003 Pat introduced me to Beverley Taylor, who had an all brown litter. I was fortunate to have the smallest brown girl come to live with me - and the rest is history! This little brown girl, who I call "Berry", went on to become the first Imperial of all breeds - Imperial Grand Champion Adtrebu Trinity. In 2007 she became a UK Grand Champion and 2012 she was awarded her second UK title.

2017 was a sad year, as all three of the Cavaliers passed over the Rainbow Bridge and the house felt empty, so...............I have new additions to the household - they are two, very, very naughty, French Bulldogs, called Alfie and Stanley. There's never a dull moment with these around, Alfie is like a bulldozer and Stanley is like Houdini, they certainly keep me on my toes with their antics!!!! If ever you want any wallpaper stripping, holes dug, gardening done etc. etc. then you've only got to give me a call !!!!!

I am indebted to those friends mentioned above; also to my "lifelong friends" Pat and Maurice Wykes (Revalley Rottweilers) and to Barbara Parry (Artro Burmese) for the honour of owning some "once in a lifetime" cats and I shall try to follow in their footsteps and breed kittens with good type and above all, sound temperaments, which befits the Burmese breed.

Cruz & Roly
Cruz & Roly

UK & Imperial Grand Champion &
UK & Imperial Grand Premier
Adtrebu Trinity

UK & Imperial Grand Champion & UK & Imperial Grand Premier Adtrebu Trinity