Blue Hills Tin Streams

Blue Hills Tin Streams

Trevellas Coombe,
St. Agnes, TR5 0YW
Tel: (01872) 553341


Situated in a valley
steeped in mining history

Discover skills of the ancient tinner
on the fascinating journey from rock to metal

From mineral to metal, how the ore is processed

The rock is first crushed under the iron shod stamps to a coarse sand, then finely ground in a ball mill continually flowing onto a shaking table which washes, separates and concentrates the ore. The heavy tin concentrates are mixed with necessary ingredients and smelted under intense heat in our furnace where the brilliant white metal is run from the rock.
Blue Hills Tin Streams


Tin has been produced in this valley for centuries. Early tin streamers worked alluvial sands and gravel on the beaches and valley floor. Later miners tunnelled into the hillsides and sunk shafts deep below the valley floor following the tin-rich veins of ore.

By 1810 the many smaller mines were incorporated into the Blue Hills Sett which continued to employ 100 men until its closure in 1897. Tin production, however, has continued almost without interruption up until the present day.

The Wills family have been a part of this tradition at Blue Hills since 1975 producing many tons of tin ore. Generations of the family have worked in mines around St. Agnes and many other countries throughout the world.

It is now possible to see this fascinating process on a guided tour of the works.

We have a selection of gift-ware made out of pure tin that is won, worked and smelted at Blue Hills Tin Streams.


About two miles north-east of St. Agnes.

Opening Times

11.00am - 5.00pm
Monday to Saturday
April to October

Tours last approximately 1-1.5 hours

Group bookings taken all year round from schools and other interested parties

Admission Charged

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