Newlyn Lighthouse

Newlyn Lighthouse

South Pier, Newlyn Harbour


Newlyn flourished from the 1880's when a large harbour and two piers were built. In the early 20th century a new road system encouraged the large-scale exportation of granite from nearby quarries. The rocks were transported along the south pier to waiting ships.

The 600 feet long south pier was completed in 1887 and the lighthouse built at the end. It was first exhibited in March 1887.

Newlyn Lighthouse exhibited a quick flashing white light, visible for seven miles. However, it caught fire in January 1896. The keeper, William Maddern, tried to withdraw the oil supply, but the pipes melted. He was badly burned trying to contain the fire when more oil washed over him.

In 1914 the south pier was extended by 100 feet, and a new cast-iron lighthouse was built, which was first lit on 29th April 1915 and is visible for nine miles.

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