Prindl Pottery

Prindl Pottery

Trebyan Forge, Lanhydrock,
Near Bodmin, PL30 5AE
Tel: (01208 269493)

Classic Cornish pottery

Trebyan Forge, near Lanhydrock House, has been my fantastic workshop since early 2000, and over the last decade my work has expanded in many directions. At the same time as making increasingly monumental bowls and jars, I have been working on the finest possible pieces in porcelain - power and delicacy. I have spent many hours and firings testing and researching a plethera of glazes, which has allowed me to develop an unusually wide palette for my pots. And for the past seven years I have been collaborating with Paul Jackson, firing the wood-fired salt-glazed kiln we built together.

I started making pots in 1987 with Toshiko Takaezu while at Princeton University. At the same time I also started studying Japanese which came flooding back from four years in Tokyo as a child, and within a few months I knew that I wanted to go to Japan to become a potter. So, after graduating from Princeton Magna cum Laude in East Asian Studies in 1990, I went to Japan and found an apprenticeship with Takao Okazaki in Yamagata. I lived and worked with the Okazakis for 2 years and was introduced to many Japanese ceramic techniques and styles. It was here that I honed the skills to express my Japanese sensitivity with clay. It was also in Yamagata where I first came across firing with wood which has remained a passion ever since.


On the B3268 midway between Bodmin and Lostwithiel.

Opening Times

All Year
Monday - Friday
10.00am - 5.30pm

Admission Free

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