The Tortoise Garden

The Tortoise Garden

Topanga, Lower Sticker, St. Austell, PL26 7JJ
Tel: (01726) 65670

Not to be Missed - see the real surviving dinosaurs

Over 150 different tortoises on view from toddlers to 90 year olds

Come and marvel at this years hatchlings

Get close to the exotic species from Africa

Fifteen species including South African Leopard, Mediterranean, Red Foots, Yellow Foots from the Brazilian rainforest, African giants, South African Leopards and Russian Horsefields.

The sanctuary is home to 450 tortoises, which are cared for in a specially-designed garden by owners Joy and Geoff Bloor.

The Tortoise Garden made national headlines in August 2011 after Cornwall Council reclassified the sanctuary as a zoo and ordered owner Joy Bloor to pay £1,000 for a licence. The local authority said the tortoises were 'wild animals', not domestic pets, and Joy, who was unable to pay the licence costs, closed the attraction in September 2011.


Three miles south-west of St. Austell just past the village of Sticker.

Now Closed

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