Wadebridge Museum

Wadebridge Museum

Chapel Lane, Wadebridge, PL27 7NG
Tel: (01208) 816206
Email: wadebridgemuseum@gmail.com
Web: www.wadebridgemuseum.btck.co.uk

History of a town

Wadebridge and District Museum originally opened in 2007 and attracted some 2000 visitors before its premises were closed in 2010 for redevelopment of the site.

Our new Museum opened on 28th September 2013, as part of the new Trebur House development at the corner of Cross Street and Chapel Lane.

We have a large collection of photographs of Wadebridge and district and are gathering additional artefacts for our collection, including a number of items actually manufactured in Wadebridge.


Just south of the main street and its shops.

Opening Times

All Year
11.00am to 3.00pm
Monday to Saturday

Admission Free

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