Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium

Towan Promenade, Newquay,
Tel: (01637) 878134


In the beautiful setting of Towan Bay,
Blue Reef Aquarium overlooks one of England's most popular surfing beaches.

Here you can see many of the marvellous varieties of marine life that live beneath those crashing waves - over 70 species from octopus and seahorses to sharks and stingrays. A spectacular underwater tunnel surrounds you with teeming wildlife, and a unique surface level gallery provides a superb view of the ocean display.

Blue Reef Aquarium

The aliens are here! They got three hearts, blue blood, a beak - can change shape and colour in an instant. Aliens, yes, but not from outer space. Enter the Lair of the Octopus and make contact with these fascinating creatures from under the sea!

Blue Reef Aquarium

A world of mystery

The vast oceans cover the greater part of our planet, yet they are as mysterious to us as outer space. Beneath them lie mountains mightier than Everest, trenches so deep they dwarf the Grand Canyon. And in them live beautiful, more bizarre and more fearsome than any to be found on land.

With stunning displays and brilliant technology, Blue Reef Aquarium will bring you closer than you imagined possible to this breathtaking world of underwater wildlife. This is an intriguing, informative and exciting experience for everyone.

Blue Reef Aquarium

Sea Life as never before

Multi-level viewing brings you amazingly close to the stunning and colourful ocean world around you. At the touch pools you are free to pick up and handle many kinds of marine life, such as spider crabs and starfish.

There's endless enjoyment and entertainment for all ages. At Blue Reef Aquarium a wide and changing programme includes feeding displays, talks and demonstrations to help you understand more about the universe under the sea. A challenging Quiz Trail will test your new-found knowledge!

Blue Reef Aquarium

* Over 30 fascinating displays.
* Exciting close encounters with marvels of marine life from
shrimps to sharks, octopus to eels.
* A full programme of feeding demonstrations, talks and
special presentations.
* Entertainment and enjoyment for all ages.
* Cafe and gift shop.
* Come and go as you please - your ticket covers all facilities
all day (just collect a hand stamp for re-entry).

Blue Reef Aquarium

Great Group Deals

Organised groups of 10 or more qualify for special discounts.
Schools are welcomed at special rates.

With our education packs and lively presentations, learning and
enjoyment go together!

Social functions have a superb setting.
Our unique and entertaining venue is available for private hire.

Children's parties are a speciality. We provide party food, colouring
posters, hats, balloons, quiz sheets - the lot. Ask for details.


The Blue Reef Cafe A day of discovery at Blue Reef Aquarium is hungry work, so why not dive into something tasty during your visit?


Directly behind and overlooking Towan beach.

Opening Times

Daily from 10.00am
All Year

Admission Charged

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