Sharp's Brewery

Sharp's Brewery

Pityme Industrial Estate, Rock,
Wadebridge, PL27 6NU
Tel: (01208) 862121


The bitter of Cornwall

Sharp's Brewery is a British brewery founded in 1994 in St. Minver, Rock, by Bill Sharp. Since 2011, the brewery has been owned by Molson Coors. It is best known for its flagship ale Doom Bar, named after the notoriously perilous Doom Bar sandbank in north Cornwall.

Unlike many breweries, they do not own or operate any public houses, hotels or restaurants. Their focus is solely on brewing beer. Sharp's also run a joint venture with Paul Ainsworth – the Mariners – in Rock.

Sharp's produce regular cask ales, seasonal ales, and pasteurised bottled beers.

Our Brewery, situated on the North Cornish Coast, is a unique place. There’s a certain kind of unavoidable energy. Something intrinsically Cornish, something inspired by being among the elements. Air, sea, rock; they surround our brewers who live on this stretch of coast. Looking out over the vast Atlantic, it is the ideal space to create exceptional beers that speak of where we come from. Every one of us has a passion for the place that makes its way into every drop of beer we make.

Our brewery tour & tasting sessions are available from Tuesday-Friday. The maximum we can accommodate for the tour is six persons, for tastings only, we can accommodate a maximum of twelve persons. All participants must be over 18.


On an industrial estate just east of the village centre.

Opening Times

All Year
Tuesday to Friday

Admission Charged

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