The Courtroom Experience

The Courtroom Experience

The Shire Hall, Mount Folly, Bodmin, PL31 2DQ
Tel: (01208) 76616

Don't get locked up

Come and take part in a recreation of one of Cornwall's most famous murder trials, in the actual courtroom in which it took place.

The Court Room Experience is located in Bodmin's Shire Hall. A majestic granite fronted building which dates back to around 1837.

Shire Hall was used as the County Court until 1988 and has now been restored to its former glory to house this wonderful tourist attraction as well as the local Tourist Information Centre and Town & Country Exhibition.

In 1844 Charlotte Dymond's body was found at Roughtor on Bodmin Moor and her beloved Matthew Weeks was accused of her murder but do you think he was guilty? Listen to the evidence and cast your vote. Guilty or not guilty?

Then accompanied by one of our knowledgeable ushers, visit the original holding cells where Matthew and others would have awaited their fates.


Shire Hall is right in the town centre of Bodmin.

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