St. Anthony's Head Lighthouse

St. Anthony Head Lighthouse

At the end of The Roseland Peninsula

Tel: (01736) 786900


Saint Anthony lighthouse is situated at the eastern entrance to Falmouth Harbour thus guiding vessels clear of the Manacles rocks, south of the harbour entrance.

Even in the 17th century rudimentary navigational aids were employed. The Killigrew family flew a large red flag from an elm tree denoting wind direction, however this was eventually taken down in 1779 to avoid its being used by invading fleets.

St. Anthony Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1835. Work on building the 62 foot lighthouse began in May 1834, the builder being Olver of Falmouth, and the light was first exhibited on 20th April 1835. The designer was James Walker, Trinity House engineer and the octagonal tower had living quarters for two keepers with provision for a temporary relief keeper for periods of leave or sickness.

When first built the light was provided by Argand oil lamps which were later replaced by pressure vapour burners. Up to 1954 the lighthouse possessed a huge bell, as a fog signal, which hung outside the tower. It was replaced by a modern fog horn positioned eleven yards above high water level on a platform. In the same year the lighthouse was connected to mains electricity. Its 1,500 watt lamp, suitably magnified, has a range of twenty two nautical miles.

St. Anthony Head Lighthouse was automated in 1987 and is now monitored from the Trinity House Operations Control Centre at Harwich in Essex.

St. Anthony Head Lighthouse was featured in the intro of the UK version of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock, as "The Fraggle Rock Lighthouse". Nearby St. Mawes is also featured in some scenes from the programme.

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