Trereife House & Gardens

Trereife House & Gardens

Newlyn, Penzance, TR20 8TY
Tel: (01736) 362750


Ancient Cornish Estate

Trereife House has been the home of the Le Grice family since 1798. The site has been identified by the name from as early as 1201. The name originates from the Cornish for a farmstead in the original ownership or working of the original settler of the homestead of Eruf.

Directly facing the house is a unique parterre. Laid out in 1999 in time for the new millennium, the elaborate parterre was planned out by designer, Lyn Le Grice, to enliven the terrace adjacent to the Queen Anne front of 1904. Divided by a 'ha 'ha' from the parkland if offered a spacious format and a chance of a fresh focus for the garden. A charming feature of the interior of the House are the plasterwork ceilings crafted by skilled Italian journeymen working in Cornwall in the early 1700's. Working in the spirit of these Italian renaissance concepts, the parterre was designed as a series of arabesque interlocking beds laid out in Box, lined in Santolina and in-filled with the vivid blue hue of horizontal Ceanothus. This is cut back each year and grows into silver globes by June. This low lying garden is capped at its end by tall flanking hedges of yew and adds dramatic nuance to the garden. Camellias surround an old oval clay lined pond, which were planted in the 1970's.

The long border running the length of the brick walls has a magnificent wisteria, possibly 150 years old. Large plantings of Agapanthus transform the border in July and August. In February a huge a huge Magnolia Campbelii opens its flowers.

In July and August a long border of lavender runs in a blue scented haze behind a bed of shrub roses. In 2004, seven varieties of Medlars were planted including a rare Iranian Medlar. These line the left hand side of the drive and continue along the top of the 'Ha-Ha' bordering the fields.

These are excellent small trees with beautiful flowers and interesting fruit.

Planted in a walled garden are peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, cherries, apples and pears. These are grown as fans and Espalieus against the old brick walls.

Approached by its own drive the House, surrounded by parkland where horses, mares and foals often graze. The beautiful St. Michael's Mount may be glimpsed at the end of the tree-lined valley. These qualities convey an impressive welcome to visitors and create a memorable setting for a wedding.


Just off the A30 one mile west of Penzance.

Opening Times

6th May - 30th September
Daily except Saturday
2.00pm - 5.00pm

Admission Charged

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